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what my child did this weekend


For students, a living history lesson
She was also interviewed via phone on a Memphis TN radio station this morning.

Happy May day!


Husband and I went out shopping today - nothing big, mainly groceries, but we stopped by the local Agway to buy milk in the glass bottles. I know, it seems weird to buy milk at the garden center, but I really prefer the taste of local milk from glass bottles. Anyhow, last year I was never able to plant rhubarb and I was really bummed because you can't really harvest it for a couple of years - but none of the local places had the crowns. On a whim, I asked the guy at the counter if they got in any rhubarb this year (having first looked around and seeing none). He looked in his computer and told me that they had 4 plants left, did I want one? Is the Pope Polish? So I am the proud custodian of a McDonald rhubarb plant in a pot. Now I need to dig out two ugly shrubs from the front planter, dig a deep hole and manure it a bit, and plant my beautiful new shrub.
The lilac is sprouting and my garlic chives are back for the third year in a row. We got the bill from the CSA for this summer's supply of fresh organic vegetables. Spring has finally sprung, unless we have another memorial day snowstorm like we did 2 years ago. My daffodils are smiling, and my other bulb plants have poked up past the earth. All but one of my roses survived the winter. Life is good for now.

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