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Fiat Mihi to The Fortifying Brew (permalinks all googled out, as usual).
What she said!

How to buy American

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Anne Wilson gives some great links and thoughts on how to not support Chinese slave labor.
Link via Lilac Rose.

cloth diapering 101

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By request (sorry for the delay)
Bill over at Fathers Know Best posted a recipe for home made baby wipes awhile back. In the Comments box, I promised to post info on the hows of cloth diapering (at least from my perspective as the mom of 6 all of whom were cloth diapered even with 2 in diapers at the same time). Mea culpa, it has taken me a while to get around to it. But better late than never. I think that the Sleepy Mommies may also have a few posts on the topic, so check them out also.
Basics: well you need diapers, a way to keep them on the baby, and at least some times you will want a diaper cover to protect baby's outerwear.

On Housekeeping


and a host of other interesting topics. Domestic economy and the lack of domestic bliss, and how 'labor-saving' devices really don't.

for home schoolers and others who are puzzled by how things never turn out quite according to plan.

The trials of Job


a Good Friday story
from M'lynn.

Sparki on marriage troubles


(not hers, thankfully)
and request for prayer

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