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Friday Five

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Via Julie D.
1. Name 5 things in your fridge (steering clear of the regular suspects: milk, eggs, etc.).
Leftover pasta, tapioca pudding, wasabi cream cheese, blueberry-pomegranite juice, half a can of tuna.

2.Name one thing that is always in your pantry and tell why.
I have an extensive collection of canned beans and canned seafood, and when I use one I replace it. I am able to throw together a nutritious meal in minutes using these as protein sources and adding in whatever else I have on han.

3.What one gadget would you most like to throw out the window? On whom would you like it to land? Don't touch my gadgets! My husband's popcorn popper, on the other hand, is always falling out its cupboard and attacking me.......

4. What is the last thing you cooked in your microwave?
Last night, I used it to precook a white sauce and the broccoli that I used to throw together a crockpot cream of broccoli/cheddar soup. Mostly the microwave is used to heat vegetables and leftovers.

5. If you could go to a grocery store right now what would you buy?
Who's paying? If it was a supermarket sweep, I'd get lobster, shrimp, salmon, lots of good wine, fresh pasta and imported fruits and vegetables. But if it were on my nickel, probably bananas, bread, grapefruit and salad greens. I tend to keep my larder fairly well stocked, so that if we have a disaster of some kind we could keep going for a week or so. I think that's a legacy of growing up in the land of earthquakes to two Depression baby parents.

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