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Recipe Request

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It is Community Supported Agriculture time again, and I have in my box this week a vegetable that I have never gotten along with - turnips with their greens. I am hoping that some southern guy or gal can give me a recipe for turnip greens (I have some truly yummy bacon drippings reserved) as well as suggestions for what to do with the neeps.

Post-dates milk and a sleepy midwife


This morning I got home from work a little tired but too wired to sleep (admitted a primip in early labor around 0400 and never went back to sleep). Looked in the fridge and noticed that the milk was at least a week past the 'sell by' date, but still smelled ok. put some in a dish and the cats drank it (my real acid test for spoilage - they are finicky!). Made 1/2 gallon of tapioca pudding and 2 loaves of banana bread (using the 4 large bananas that had totally black peels, just sitting there on the counter.

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