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I must admit I was at somewhat of a loss about how to cook and eat some of our bounty of fresh organic vegetables. Lettuce is pretty obvious, but pea tendrils? Mizuna? I pulled out a few cookbooks but couldn't even find the above named vegetables!
So I fell back on general principles and instinct.
I cleaned and sliced the garlic scallions. I thoroughly washed the mizuna, some spinach, and the pea tendrils. The mizuna I sliced into about 1/2 inch sections, the pea tendrils (which actually included also leaves and blossoms) and spinach Ioosely chopped. Heated up about 1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil (Costco store brand, quite good actually) in my 10 inch skillet - sauteed the garlic scallions until they were starting to get soft, then tossed in the greenery, sauteed it for about 30 seconds, sprinkled about 1 tsp soy sauce over the top of the greens, put the lid on the pan and turned off the heat and let the greens cook to just wilted in the residual heat. Before serving, I sprinkled a tad red wine vinegar over the top and added some fresh ground pepper. I served it with a baked fish fillet and garlic buttered curly noodles. Hazcat loved the greens, too - he was meowling around the table begging. He turned up his nose at the fish, nibbled at the noodles, but scarfed the few greens I gave him in his dish.
That was Friday night dinner.
Tonight, I needed to cook the bok choy - I stir-fried it in a little garlic oil, and dressed it with a mixture of vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and sriracha rooster sauce (just a drop,enough to give it a kick). This was accompanied by salad and some lovely broiled lamb chops. Our daughter who doesn't eat lamb had some chicken and apple sausages instead.
We are trying to eat as much of our perishable stuff as possible before we leave on vacation.

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