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sleeping on her boppy

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She is HOME!!!!!
and nursing up a storm.

surgery went well

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and emma is back in her room snuggled up to her mama.
They placed a programmable variable shunt this time. The pediatric neurosurgeon handed Jess the owner's manual.
Anticipating a discharge home in 2 days or so, god willing.

emma surgery

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her cultures have been clear, she is scheduled for shunt re-placement tomorrow morning. Not sure the exact time - prayers as usual
she also has a nasty yeast diaper rash from the antibiotics....
her great-grandma (my mom) is with her and jess now for a while

An article on VP shunt infections


shunt infection

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That is the diagnosis for Emma's fever. The gram stain of the CSF grew out Gram + cocci, probably staph, most likely s. epidermidis. But we won't know until they can grow the organisms out a little further and run more tests.

They have removed the 'P' part of her V-P shunt and are draining the excess CSF into an external collection device. This requires meticulous nursing care. She is getting vancomycin both through the shunt tubing and through her brand new PICC line. She will be in the hospital until there are 3 consecutive negative cultures of the CSF. And then they will have to decide what to do about her shunt.

Stay tuned. More angst on the way.

emma's home

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She came home Saturday afternoon. Jess went back to work today. All seems to be going well.
I really appreciate all my praying blogfriends.

last night

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Emma drowses in her sleep shirt and socks after a brief bedtime snack. note hospital linens. 9-6

Emma managed to pull out her IV line. She is doing well, and will be coming home tomorrow. Thanks again for all the prayers.
Tomorrow I hope to be able to can the tons of tomatoes that are all ripe at the same time. Any recipes?

out of surgery

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Emma came through ok, but she has 4 surgical sites and is a little groggy still, according to Jess. The new shunt went in just fine and is working, but removing the old shunt was a bit more complicated. We don't know just how long she will need to stay in the hospital this time - originally it was supposed to be 23 hours post-op, but we will see.
It is so hard being here but I have used up pretty much all my time off except for the scheduled time off for my #4 child's wedding in October - and there are babies being born whose moms are relying on me. The practice that I am in is still looking for a couple more CNMs and we also have an opening for a nurse-practitioner. Email me if you want more information.
I have a picture of Emma in the recovery room but I can't download it to my computer right now, and I am not sure if I should post it. She looks pretty good for having just had major surgery, but she certainly isn't her usual self. I am still trying to figure out how to shrink some of the earlier pix to fit the blog (and I am not talking just pixel size but more file size here - I might need to find a copy of photo shop or the like).

emma prayers again

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I have been trying to upload her more recent pix but the files are too large and I haven't been able to figure out how to shrink them down.
Anyhow, life has been hectic - every time I think I will have the time to concentrate on some of the posts I want to write something else happens.
Emma has been increasingly fussy and irritable, and today we were told that her shunt is not working right . So tomorrow morning she will go back into the hospital for what we hope will be a less than 24 hour stay. They will take out the non-working shunt and put in a new on on the other side of her head. Hopefully this one will work better and longer. It is scary for us, if somewhat routine for the surgeons.
Father Val came by to see Jess and Emma tonight and gave Emma the anointing of the sick in preparation.
The surgery is scheduled for 0730 tomorrow (Thursday). Prayers please, both now and later.
And please also include in your prayers my youngest daughter, B,, who has given up a considerable chunk of her time to help her oldest sister with the baby. It isn't easy for her, either, and she could use your prayers as well.
Will update when I can.

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