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Karen Marie Knapp of the Anchor Hold has gone to her eternal reward. I just learned of the news from Apologia, who learned of it through the usual chain of bloggers.
I had the pleasure a few years ago to meet Miss Knapp in person. I am certain that if she did not go directly to heaven, her time in purgatory was muchly decreased by her sufferings in this life. The few hours I spent with her were precious. She gave me a hand-knotted rosary that my husband still carries and uses. I am sure that she will be doing more good for us where she is now, and I am glad that her sufferings are now ended. But her presence in the blogosphere will be missed.

Diabetes is a nasty disease. I have lost both my father and two uncles (one maternal, one paternal) to its complications. To some degree is may be preventable, but not always. I am continually angered at the cavalier attitude of some patients and health care providers about diabetes. It is possible with some sacrifice and good advice to get it under control and minimize the suffering. But first, it needs to be diagosed and then treated in a holistic way - lifestyle, medication, and monitoring.

I know that Karen did what was needful. I pray that her family finds peace. I am sure that she will hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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