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It was wonderful to hear Dawn Eden speak in person. She is very real and personable - not the most polished public speaker, but the vocal pauses help the audience to realize that this is a human being sharing on an intimate and important topic, and not an automaton.

The church where she spoke was indeed a beautiful Gothic church with a veranda, and since the weather co-operated, it was an outdoor presentation. I'm glad we went.

This last week I have been attempting in vain to get caught up on sleep. My time with my daughter and granddaughter was obviously short on sleep due to the circumstances, and also because my old bones don't do well sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. And of course, the work doesn't go away just because I was gone - my midwifery partner attended 13 births during the week I was gone. We've been busy signing up newly pregnant moms, and it looks like we are going to be very busy around the first of next year. I've been getting daily Emma updates and pictures and I will be posting at least a few of them in the next entry.

dawn in the evening

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Eden, that is.
Story to follow. Cell phone pix don't do her justice!
Worth the 3 hour round trip drive.

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