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Saturday we drove from Rockport to Milwaukee, where we went to Mass at the Basilica of St. Josaphat with bloggers Dave and Amy Pawlak. That wasn't all that we did in Milwaukee - we also had a picnic lunch with my old friend (we were young moms together in 1980 and were also both childbirth educators) Ruth Ancheta. And we also ate dinner at a well known German restaurant on the advice of Dave and Amy.
Sunday, more or less on our way back to Chicago O'Hare Airport, we detoured to Marytown and spent time with Ellyn (Oblique House) and her husband Rick. It was time well-spent,even though we couldn't go in the chapel of the Shrine because of a conflicting event in progress. But we toured the Maximilian Kolbe museum and the gift shop.

It is really a blessing to meet fellow bloggers. There is a feeling that I am meeting a long lost relative or an old friend. Whenever I travel I do try to connect, even though it isn't always easy. Time is limited because the purpose of the travel is often time and energy consuming. But meeting old friends for the first time (how's that for an oxymoron!) is one of the real joys of travel.

BTW, I am back home in NH. Have a whole boatload of stuff to get caught up on, as well as stories I want to tell but can't seem to pull together. Oh well. God has a way of reminding me to keep my priorities straight.

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