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st jerome, ora pro nobis

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my daughter's blog

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check her out. Today, recipes for home made beauty treatments.
jessica's diary

He's Back!!!!

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SF and being Catholic




I was curious, so I went over to thelist of blogs supporting Catholic Charities.
142 at last count, and some with pretty interesting names. Foma, for example, which I think must have taken its name from Kurt Vonnegut's apocalyptic novel Cat's Cradle. Single Malt Pundit, whose taste in beverages I can but admire.
I watched Raymond Arroyo on EWTN earlier this evening. He challenged the KoC or any other Catholic organization to set up a matching service for those of us who could offer living space to Katrina refugees, to the refugees.
I hope that some one does step up to the task. has already done so, and I have rec'd at least 6 different emails telling me about this.

Addendum - just found this link to an individual who is working to set up a linkage between home donors and katrina refugees.

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