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Drudge with a rosary?


at least according to Amy Welborn
The Catholic Report
I've put it on the blogroll.

good news


On Catholic and Enjoying It! there is a new post after a several month hiatus - Mark is getting closer to finishing his book!

blog issues


I was having some severe problems posting to the blog so it has been migrated to Movable Type 3.17. That solved the big problems, but I am still having some other issues. Every so often, for no discernable reason, the blog reverts to the July 8 edition. If I rebuild it all the newer posts will come back, but it is kind of frustrating none the less. If you happen to notice that it has reverted, please send me an email and I will rebuild it ASAP.
I have emailed the webmaster for advice and hope to have it figured out soon. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!

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