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lifespan of internet news?

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seems to be 3 days
see here

Spero Forum

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would you believe theology filks?


Aliens in This World
How come no one ever told me about this blog?

He's Back!!


The mighty Barrister ends the silence.

organized I am not

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Eventually I will have to sort my blogroll out. I would like to be more organized. Right now, they are all there in an alphabetical hodgepodge. I think that I would like categories of some sort - maybe the momblogs, the authentic feminist blogs (Like this new discovery), the apologetics blogs, and so on. But so many of my regular reads defy definition. Like Mr. Riddle, Mr. Luse, Mr. O'Rama and so on. And Erik - recipes? Rants" Bullfights and art criticism?
Oh well, It will just have to wait, unless a librarian friend should happen by to volunteer to put my life in proper order.

New issue us up


Spero Forum
lots more good stuff to read

(and posts the answers from a select few)Why do you blog?
What other blogs do you read regularly and why?
What can a Catholic blog do that others canít?
What are criticisms of blogs?
Let's all think about this - maybe we can devote an edition of the Catholic Carnival to these questions.

great name!


getting hard to keep up


another catholic blog with good stuff to read

The Accidental Nomad
librarian blog

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