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I was very surprised to learn that one of my bits was chosen for the headline article.
You can see a bit of why content has been sparse her at the home blog for a few days. Of course, server problems (both to and to my ISP) have also been a factor.....

yet another

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Canadian Catholic Blogger
St Blog's Canadian contingent continues to cascade. (couldn't resist the alliteration).

The Papal carnival is up over at Papa Familias. Very fitting place, I think, to memorialize our Holy Father.

A request from Papa-Lu


I would like to make an appeal to all of St. Blogs that we have a carnival celebrating Pope John Paul II. I don't mean to in anyway replace the weekly Catholic Carnival that goes on. Rather, I ask for all of you out there to write about the personal impact this Pope has had on your life. Whether through his writings or seeing him in person, or being able to meet him, I know people all over the world have been touched by this man's witness.

If you have a blog, post your reflection there and send the link to odragul [[at]] juno [[dot]] com (you know how to make the changes here) or
If you don't have a blog, feel free to email him so he can post it. On the octave of his passing (next Saturday), he'll post the links and the emailed contributions.

St blogs has a teaching order?

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There are several Daughters of St Paul (and at least one cooperator) out there blogging! Welcome, one and all.
Sister Anne's Nunblog
Sister Lorraine's Convent Clatch
Rae's Confessions of a Cooperator

an alternate source of news

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the popeblog
thanks to rebecca and julie for the reminder.

eye is still bugging me, but getting better slowly

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