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I love you all

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but, to tell the truth, there are a few bloggers I will like a little better after the election is settled (for better or for worse). I am weary and worried and wistful and a whole bunch of other "W" words about the political nastiness that is everywhere. I wonder if the Lord is getting as tired of it all as I am. Lord, help me to keep my words tender and sweet, for one day I may have to eat them.

Thank you marla!


took me a while to notice


But the Kairos Guy is back on-line. I guess the kids are sleeping through the night now?

milestone marker

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as far as I can tell, visitor # 10,000 came here looking for
"musical sacramental midwifery"
Hope you found what you were seeking!

Any readers in the Washington DC area - could you please find the article from today's paper about St Blogs?
According to Katherine, it's in the WaPo, p.B9 (Metro section) and is titled, "To Congregate or Confess, Believers are Turning to Blogs".
Grumble - you'd think that an article about in internet phenom would be in the online version of the paper!

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