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pictures and personalities

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Alexa has found images that she finds representative of various blogs. Here is the one she found for me.

I like it. Not very midwifey, and that is OK. Below is an image I found and was considering using to replace my other Maria Lactans pic. It is the Madonna of the Green Cushion, found in the Louvre, and is the frontispiece for the book Mother and Infant by Fr. Wm. Virtue.

maria lactans.jpg

template woes


thanks for hanging in there - I'm not done yet. Kind of like rearranging the furniture, and discovering that the chair was up against the wall to hide the hole the kids left!


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I've been playing with the template. Let me know if there are any problems.

new link alert


Adding a new link to a nurse blog.
I'va also added Medical Madhouse, who today has a nice post about dementia.

another ex-anglican


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