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I'm blogging from my son's house in SoCal. We are out here for a few more days, have been making the rounds of family and friends, and shopping for groceries etc that I can't find in NH. Right now he is napping so I am typing.
I am just blown away by the cost of real estate out here! I don't think we would even be remotely able to move back, not when an 800 sq ft. house on a small lot and in not so hot condition sold for half a million dollars (not my son's, btw, a neighbor of my dad's). My mom told me that one of her neighbors decided that it was more cost-effective to gut their 20 year old house down to the studs and walls and completely rebuild the interior, rather than trying to sell and buy a house more in keeping with their tastes. This is insane!
I noticed over at the Rants and Recipes that Erik was asking for prayer - sounds like a real estate possibility. Please keep him in prayer too, as the part of CA where he lives has even more inflated real estate costs than the southern end.
I will be home 8/5/04 but still 'on vacation' till the 13th. I expect blogging to continue to be rather sporadic. I know that I promised news from the Omaha conference, and it will be forthcoming but I am not sure when. Anyone with specific questions or issues please send me an email and I will try to either answer directly or incorporate into a post.
Meanwhile, I think it is time for me to wake up the love of my life so we can proceed with the rest of the day.

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vita mea another Catholic Seminarian blog.
You see, I had a chance to hear Eldon Curtis (Omaha archbishop) speak and thought I would look him up......

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I've made a few changes, if I accidentally deleted you, send me an email and I will add you back in. I moved some of the non-blog links to the permalinks on the other side. Sigh. The blogroll is getting so long, but I hate to delete anyone who is still posting regularly.

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