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My Thanksgiving entry was not posted on time, it was saved as a draft and I forgot to publish it. oh well. It is here somewhere.

light blogging ahead

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tomorrow john and i will be taking a couple of days away from it all. i don't think the hotel has high speed internet!

too bad it isn't catholic



Cool tool

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The TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 gives one a visual representation of the weblinks in one's 'neighborhood'. Enter your URL and watch it draw the links!

fixed (I hope)


I managed to add the Blogwise button but lost the one. Oh, well.

Worth contemplating


Michelle comments on a commenter. Remember the conversation about being nice vs being charitable? This isn't quite the same, but we would all do well to think about it when we blog.

An interesting blog


from a soon to be Catholic (and friends)
Southern Appeal
The random musings of a Southern Federalist and his co-conspirators .
Check it out!
(link via Mark Shea)



to St. Blog's, Father Sibley.

Quick update


Haven't been online too much, been very busy. Did a wonderful birth early Tuesday morning, spent much of Wednesday catching up on sleep before a dinner event in the evening, worked all day in the office today including seeing extra patients while my midwife partner was over attending a birth, and then this evening attending a live version of NPR's "Wait, wait, don't tell me". (The air version will be on this weekend, my dear husband is mentioned in the credits at the very end.)
Had a chance to see the writer who penned the Sunday Boston Globe piece. Charlie is a regular on "Wait, wait". Looks like an aging hippie. Very funny man - too bad he just doesn't get it.
The media bias is real, but it isn't a vast conspiracy. It is more a function of the idea that one tends to hire those with whom one is comfortable. Also, I think that too often the conservative persons in the media have taken themselves so seriously that it comes off as almost pontificating. But I could be very wrong there. There is an element of self-righteousness among pundits on the left and the right that I find very upsetting.

I can't believe it

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43.75 %

My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Catholic Doctor blog!!!

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Summa Mammas found this site through the Sleepy Mommies. Wow - a Catholic doctor blog! The title, kill as few patients as possible is a motto well worth remembering. I look forward to cruising through his archives.

Aadendum: Here is his bio bit. Why can't I find a doc like this to work with?

recent search terms

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I+am+a+compulsive+reader (me too!)
first+trimester+embyro+growth (not on the blog, sorry. on my office walls!)
recipe+homily+pie (you'll find all three here, just not together)
keyboard+needle+and+the+damage+done (a favorite Neil Young song of mine)
summa+borscht (hope you liked the recipe! drop back by and tell me)
Gospel+John+Mass+to+whom+shall+we+go (we all know the answer to this one!)
tehillim+for+a+healthy+pregnancy (which psalms are they, anyhow?)
british+armored+vehicle (not here!)
we+remember+marty+haugen+lyrics (Try the GIA site)

Must visit site

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