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another catholic mommy blog!


Summa Mamas
"Three RC moms-- One organic, One fun, One old!"
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Crystal is


Still Building Zion and I am very glad!

more amusing search terms

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governer+ of +Rhode Island
most of these make a kind of perverse sense, but I have no clue how a search for the Governor of Rhode Island ended up at Fructus Ventris!

new parishioner


Dei Gratia   has been added to the blogroll.


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It would appear that all the blogspot sites are down.



I have added a feature that will let readers know when some blogs update. I don't know if it will work on most blogspot sites, because you need to automatically ping when you update. I just went into my MT prefernces and changed that little feature. I have also decided that I will delete a site off my roll after a month of no activity, unless I am requested to do otherwise from the blogger.
I am hoping to sit down a little later and write about the homily from yesterday's Mass. If all the newly minted priests are of the quality of the one we had guesting at our parish this weekend, there is great hope for the church.

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