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With Moveable Type, I can automatically send emails to anyone who wants to know when I add an entry. If you are interested in this service, please send me a note with the email to which you would like notifications sent.
I haven't yet figured out how to use all the neat features of MT, but I am slowly working my way through! My next step will be to figure out what it means to 'syndicate' and also what the heck an RSS feed is.

5. Random new blogs send you email asking to be linked.
4. You can get more that 3 comments on any given post.
3. Your blogtree pedigree lists more child blogs than siblings.
2. You start a conversation that extends across more than 3 blogs.
and (drumroll, please!)
1. Mark Shea links to a post of yours.

More changes

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I've added a couple of icons to the page and moved a few things around. I put the weather pixie back in but she may end up leaving again. Prayers appreciated - I am fighting of an attack of senseless depression and anxiety. More substantive content later. I did see the stage (not broadcast on the radio) version of A Prairie Home Companion yesterday. While it was funny, I noticed things that maybe a few years ago I would have ignored. Moss sisters, I thought of you when I noticed that this was labelled as "The Rhubarb Tour". I actually had a couple of slices of rhubarb pie at the VIP reception I attended between the 2 O'clock and 7:30 o'clock shows. The pie was good but not up to my standards!

More Blog Tweaking

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You will notive that Catholic Light is at, as is the new Fructus Ventris. This is not accidental. I have received an enormous amount of help from Richard Chonak (of CL) in setting up and tweaking my blog, and I want once again to say a big public THANK YOU. I also want to thank my readers for putting up with some less than readable colours and typeface while I have been taking this crash course in HTML, CSS, and hex colour codes!

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