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Pansy and Peony
and there's a great post about cute baby shoes.

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I was doing maintenance and I lost a few links - if any of you were on the roll but aren't there now, and want to be, please email me or put up a comment to this post. be sure to put the URL of your blog! thanks.

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Seven angels, three kids, one family

Deep theological question #1
November 7th, 2007 by philangelus

Today at daily Mass, Kiddo#3 found a spider drowned in the holy water font. I’d never seen that happen before.

So…does that make the spider a martyr?
just a sample

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Karen Marie Knapp of the Anchor Hold has gone to her eternal reward. I just learned of the news from Apologia, who learned of it through the usual chain of bloggers.
I had the pleasure a few years ago to meet Miss Knapp in person. I am certain that if she did not go directly to heaven, her time in purgatory was muchly decreased by her sufferings in this life. The few hours I spent with her were precious. She gave me a hand-knotted rosary that my husband still carries and uses. I am sure that she will be doing more good for us where she is now, and I am glad that her sufferings are now ended. But her presence in the blogosphere will be missed.

Diabetes is a nasty disease. I have lost both my father and two uncles (one maternal, one paternal) to its complications. To some degree is may be preventable, but not always. I am continually angered at the cavalier attitude of some patients and health care providers about diabetes. It is possible with some sacrifice and good advice to get it under control and minimize the suffering. But first, it needs to be diagosed and then treated in a holistic way - lifestyle, medication, and monitoring.

I know that Karen did what was needful. I pray that her family finds peace. I am sure that she will hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Views from the veranda


It was wonderful to hear Dawn Eden speak in person. She is very real and personable - not the most polished public speaker, but the vocal pauses help the audience to realize that this is a human being sharing on an intimate and important topic, and not an automaton.

The church where she spoke was indeed a beautiful Gothic church with a veranda, and since the weather co-operated, it was an outdoor presentation. I'm glad we went.

This last week I have been attempting in vain to get caught up on sleep. My time with my daughter and granddaughter was obviously short on sleep due to the circumstances, and also because my old bones don't do well sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. And of course, the work doesn't go away just because I was gone - my midwifery partner attended 13 births during the week I was gone. We've been busy signing up newly pregnant moms, and it looks like we are going to be very busy around the first of next year. I've been getting daily Emma updates and pictures and I will be posting at least a few of them in the next entry.

dawn in the evening

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Eden, that is.
Story to follow. Cell phone pix don't do her justice!
Worth the 3 hour round trip drive.

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Anamchara is a blog updated but rarely yet well worth the visit.
It is from Monsignor Barr of the Rockford IL diocese.

go read the carnival

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A Lenten Medley of Posts

Stil recovering from the weekend - 4 babies in 18 hours!

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