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mandatory for CCD teachers

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and in some parishes, for everyone who works or volunteers in any capacity - from the organist to the gardener.
Mr. Curley has some pretty telling comments about "Protecting God's Children"????
I had to sit through this program last year. This, despite the fact that as a health care provider I have had to attend regular workshops on both preventing and detecting abuse (and not just child sexual abuse, for that matter). My dear husband almost had to use duct tape on my mouth during the PGC session. I was offended and aghast.

New Hampshire is one of the few states where everyone, not just professionals of various sorts, is a mandated reporter of suspected abuse. The health center where I work (unlike many PP clinics who have been sampled in 'sting' operations) duly reports suspected statutory rape, as well as other forms of child abuse, elder abuse, spousal abuse, etc. My cynical side wants to shout "Not that much is usually done with the information we report" - which I know is not true. But there are budget limitations and NH is a pretty libertarian state. You can see it on the license plate motto - "Live free or die".
My opinion is that a pregnant 14 year old is ipso facto some one who has been sexually abused - no matter if the perp is her 15 y'o boyfriend.
Anyhow, classes like PGC aren't really the answer to the problem. We need a moral revolution to counter the sexual revolution. We need for all of us who have survived to be silent no more.

safe and legal?

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How ghastly!

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Women bypass sex in favour of 'instant pregnancies'
By Charlotte Edwardes and Andrew Alderson

Women are increasingly seeking inappropriate IVF treatment because they do not have the time or inclination for a sex life and want to "diarise" their busy lives.
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I've started telling patients at their annual exams that fertility does not last forever..... You would be surprised at how many young women are convinced that they will have not a problem having a child when and how they choose, even if they wait to their 40s to even start thinking about it!

some one please fisk this

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I'm still too tired
Male and Female, God created them
Notice the 'gender neutral' language in the title?
Notice that the magazine in which it was published purports to be Catholic?

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