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First a disclaimer. I am not a professional ethicist, nor a moral theologian. I do not have a degree in theology. I have a BA in literature and an MS in nursing. I have been a Catholic since 1973, a nurse since 1985, and a nurse-midwife since 1995. I have studied ethics formally and informally, and have given presentations on midwifery and ethical dilemmas in several forums.
Most of us go through life without having to personally face serious ethical dilemmas. We are able to make more or less ordinary decisions using the tools of our knowledge, experience, and faith, with occasional consultations with various experts. The formal study of medical ethics is usually only brought into play when there is a dilemma - a difficult choice to be made.

If you are considering IVF or prenatal genetic testing, you shouldread this.
Some people's blood contains cells from a sibling. Others are two individuals rolled into one. Yet more carry a distinct mutation in only parts of their bodies.

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