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Tears in my eyes


It hits close to home - I cannot count the number of women I have listened to whose story is along these same lines. One hopes, one prays, one weeps for the lives destroyed even among the survivors.

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meme? winnie the pooh?


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Dwight Longenecker's insights

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Live from St Patrick's


This morning's homily
I saw much of this on EWTN, and thought to myself that here is a homilist who doesn't dumb down his homilies. I loved the varied references to architechture, literature, and I also loved the compassionate yet challenging tone.
On another note - does anyone know the name of the music for the opening hymn?

It's back!


Pansy and Peony
and there's a great post about cute baby shoes.

Now that's what I call a beautiful liturgy


From a mom's POV


blogroll issues

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I was doing maintenance and I lost a few links - if any of you were on the roll but aren't there now, and want to be, please email me or put up a comment to this post. be sure to put the URL of your blog! thanks.

the best commentary I have seen


on the papal mass liturgical choices. News Briefs
Of course, it is a spoof!
One thing about the Catholic church, it is catholic. Room for all....

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In today's bulletin

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"The new frontiers reached in bioethics do not require us to choose between science and morality: rather, they oblige us to a moral use of science." Pope Benedict XVI, Address to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, January 31, 2008

On some levels, Christians dropped the ball a few years ago by allowing those who practice the religion of secularism to define the language and the terms. They used a very successful tactic of creating a dichotomy between faith and reason. But faith is more than mere credulity, and reason is more than narrow and cold logic.

If science is the act of discovering how the world works, and the world was created by God, how can there truly be a dichotomy? It is mainly that we are like the blind men and the elephant, each of us seeing only our own small bit of the puzzle. "We see as through a glass, darkly".

kindred spirit


How scary is this?




Today we celebrated Emma in a special way. Obviously, she could not be baptized again, as that was done the day of her birth. But we were able to go through this beautiful liturgy. Emma's mom opted to have this done during the Mass in her Parish where she usually attends. The godparents were two more of our children, who flew long distances to be here and to support their sister in this.
Rites for a child baptized in an emergency

If a child was baptized in danger of death, the Rite of Bring a Baptized Child to the Church may be celebrated. This rites celebrates all the additional ceremonies of the baptism rite including the reception and welcoming of the child, anointing, clothing with the white garment, presentation of the candle, and blessings.


165 The people may sing a psalm or song suitable for the occasion. Meanwhile the celebrating priest or deacon, vested in alb or surplice, with a stole (with or without a cope) of festive color, and accompanied by the ministers, goes to the entrance of the church where the parents and godparents are waiting with the child.

166. The celebrant greets all present, and especially the parents and godparents. He praises them for having had the child baptized without delay, and thanks God and congratulates the parents on the child's return to health.

167. First the celebrant questions the parents:

Celebrant: What name have you given the child?

Parents: N.

Celebrant: What do you ask of God's Church, now that your child has been baptized?

Parents: We ask that the whole community will know that he (she) has been received into the Church.

The first reply may be given by someone other than the parents if local custom gives him the right to name the child.

In the second response the parents may use other words, such as that he (she) is a Christian or that he (she) has been baptized.

168. Then the celebrant speaks to the parents in these or similar words:

Celebrant: Do you realize that in bringing your child to the Church, you are accepting the duty of raising him (her) in the faith, so that by observing the commandments he (she) will love God and neighbor as Christ taught us?

Parents: We do.

169. Then the celebrant turns to the godparents and addresses them in these or similar words:

Are you ready to help the mother and father of this child to carry out their duty as Christian parents?

Godparents: We are.

170. The celebrant continues:

N., the Christian community welcomes you with great joy, now that you have recovered your health. We now bear witness that you have been received as a member of the Church. In the name of the community I sign you with the cross of Christ, who gave you a new life in baptism and made you a member of his Church. I invite your parents (and godparents) to do the same.

He signs the child on the forehead, in silence. Then he invites the parents and the godparents to do the same.

Then the celebrant says:

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, source of all life and love, you are glorified by the loving care shown this child. You rescue children from danger and save them in baptism.

Your Church thanks you and prays for your child Emma. You have brought her out of the kingdom of darkness and into your marvelous light. You have made her your adopted child and a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Help him (her) in all the dangers of this life and strengthen her in the constant effort to reach your kingdom, through the power of Christ our Savior through Christ our Lord.

All: Amen

178. Then the celebrant says:

God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has freed you from sin, given you a new birth by water and the Holy Spirit, and welcomed you into his holy people. He now anoints you with the chrism of salvation. As Christ was anointed Priest, Prophet, and King, so may you live always as a member of his body, sharing everlasting life.

All: Amen.

Then the celebrant anoints the child on the crown of the head with the chrism, in silence.

179. The celebrant says:

N., you have become a new creation, and have clothed yourself in Christ. See in this white garment the outward sign of your Christian dignity. With your family and friends to help you by word and example, bring that dignity unstained into the everlasting life of heaven.

All: Amen.

180. The celebrant takes the Easter candle and says:

Receive the light of Christ

Someone, such as the godparent, lights the child's candle from the Easter candle.

The celebrant then says:

Parents and godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by Christ. He (she) is to walk always as a child of the light. May he (she) keep the flame of faith alive in his (her) heart. When the Lord comes, may he (she) go out to meet him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom.
There was also a wonderful blessing at the end of mass, but I haven't been able to find the text. I am also not sure that the texts above are completely accurate, but they are what I could find.



wouldn't this be wonderful?


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