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Theology of the Body, redux


The pastor of our parish is doing an Advent series on the Theology of the Body. It is good to see him so enthusiastic about it. We recently completed a 6 week small group meeting (in our home) of the "Why Catholic" set - we went through the sacraments. I have mixed feelings about the format we were given for this series. On the one hand, it is pretty non-threatening and theologically orthodox. On the other hand, I am not really into 'adult education' that focuses more on sharing feelings and experience than on solid teaching and digging in to the depths of our faith. Could be my INTP personality or my oldest child perfectionism getting in there. But the discussion on the various sacraments did give me an opportunity to talk about how wonderfully incarnational I find Catholicism to be, and also gave me a chance to talk to some of our group members about the Theology of the Body.

I was also able to share the 10 CD set "Naked Without Shame" ( a real bargain at just about $4 per set) which is a great audio introduction.

Our pastor did a good job introducing the basic concept tonight, and I am looking forward to the next three sessions. It is free and open to the public. Information on page 3 of this .pdf file. That should be the parish bulletin........

I have been incredibly busy lately, have barely found the time to read my email let alone blog. Lots of thoughts but not much time for action - and I am still recovering from an injury to my R hand that happened over a month ago. I still have intermittent pain and definite weakness, and sometimes I just don't feel up to sitting and typing.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and I am looking forward to Advent and Christmas.

OCPs and arterial blockage risks


a friend of mine starts blogging


Seven angels, three kids, one family

Deep theological question #1
November 7th, 2007 by philangelus

Today at daily Mass, Kiddo#3 found a spider drowned in the holy water font. I’d never seen that happen before.

So…does that make the spider a martyr?
just a sample

an interview worth reading

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From Marie Bellet, a musician worth supporting.

a few wedding pix

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on the extended entry
A few more details:
The reception food was all made by the Matron of Honor with a little help from friends. The cake was a carrot cake with Bride and Groom gourds instead of little dolls. The music at the reception was 1) Koto music played by one of the brides 2) Tuvan throat singing by her husband and 3) An old-time fiddler who played 19th century traditional celebration songs.
The other bride and groom both recently graduated from UC Davis with degrees in ethnomusicology.
Dancing at the wedding was to the fiddler - and we did a reel (Virginia style).
Baby Emma was very well-behaved. She has learned how to roll over now and is cooing and babbling.

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