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We drove 10 hours overnight to spend Thanksgiving with Jess and Emma. Put the turkey in brine in a cooler and brought along most of our Thanksgiving basket from the CSA. Then on Sunday we drove back after Mass. Miss them already. But they will be here for Christmas along with at least 2 more of our daughters. With luck, will also have the other daughter and her husband as well. Doesn't look like any sons, though. Oh well. This house will be pretty crowded as it is.
I had a thought the other day about how Catholic healthcare has been heading the direction of Catholic higher education - that is to say towards CINO. Wondering and thinking about the hows and whys of it all. I am wondering if part of the picture was the move to put nursing education out of the hospital and into the university. Creeping credentialism, where the letters after ones name mean more than actual knowledge or skill. I wish that we had kept the guild and apprenticeship system for those arts that require not just head knowledge but handicraft - like surgery, midwifery, and the like. Need to flesh the thought out a little bit more but I am just too tired and overwhelmed to do a lot of stuff. Winter blues exacerbated by the general recession. Maybe next week. Maybe next year.
But the children, and the grandchildren, make it worthwhile. And I am so blessed to be able to see new life on a daily basis!


Very interesting thoughts about Catholic healthcare. Sounds quite plausible.

Oh and Emma is adorable.

While I am a proponent of advanced education in nursing and other health professions - you have a very interesting point. Right now I am near the end of a Family Nurse Practitioner program at a "Catholic" University on the East Coast. Not one faculty member in the graduate nursing department is a practicing Catholic and I doubt ANY even know about Catholic moral teaching. Pluralistic lingo pervades every class (for example: "What is a family?" "Anything that people say it is!") and this is not suprising since I met the nursing chair off campus and was introducted to her "partner."
I struggle with what to do. How do I make the Bishop understand what goes on? How hours are spent teaching about contraception and no time is given to NaPro technology or other NFP strategies which promote woman's health physically and spiritually?
While there is still a place for apprenticeships (in clinical settings) it is universally impossible to find preceptors who live and work out the Catholic moral vision. Where are they all? Are they like you - forced out of the healthcare arena? Hidden away - having not quite enough patients to support a student's clnical rotation? We are in dire straights when the only car in the communter lot for the entire education and healthsciences buidling that has a bumper sticker reading "Abortion is NOT healthcare" - belongs to me.

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