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This link is to a computer generated copy of Mr. Obama's birth certificate from the Los Angeles Times blog. It is not a photocopy of the original birth certificate. It is impossible at the present for most Americans to get an actual copy of the actual birth certificate with the signatures etc. As a matter of fact, most birth certificates are no longer actually signed by the person who delivered the baby!
The Los Angeles Times blog entry from which this link was taken has some other interesting commentary about citizenship including a clarification on Mr. McCain's status.

My sister was born abroad to American parents. She was born in a military hospital. However, she was required to obtain a certificate of naturalization and to my knowledge would not have been eligible to become President due to her birth status.

My concern in posting the letter below was that I did not want there to be a constitutional crisis should Mr. Obama be elected. I am still concerned about this. I would be more reassured if I could see a copy the actual Certificate of Live Birth that was filed with the local registrar. Alas, computer generated abstracts are simply that. GIGO. But the computer generated form is what you would likely get if you were to try to get a copy of your own birth certificate from just about any state in the Union.

I broke one of my own rules by not doing more assiduous fact checking. I sincerely hope that somewhere there is the requisite proof that all candidates for public office do in fact meet the requirements for that office as spelled out in the consitution.

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