Peggy Noonan on candidate Palin

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I know, I've been missing in action for a while. But this article is worth reading. And I'll work on updating the blog. Blame it on summer. Blame it on a new laptop and having to learn a new OS (Vista - the logic is beyond me). Blame is on the shift to MT 4.
The election scares me and I am not sure quite why. Noonan puts her finger on a few items, and I heard a news report yesterday that right now the electoral college votes would be split 50-50 if we were to vote now. And that would put the election into the hands of the Congress.......that is a scary thought too. But there is more to it than that. Something about the way things are going remind me of the opening chapters of some of the more apocalyptic fiction I have read in my life, and I am just not ready for that.


The scary thing for me is how easily people are deceived. Clearly there are dark forces at work. Even well meaning folks are getting caught up in charisma and "light". I think we know who was the Angel of Light.

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