The Catholic Church and Birth Control, 40 Years Later - Op-Ed -

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Recently I heard that in Philippines a bill that was passed by senate that informing its people in early sex education or family planning and using contraceptives as well. I know that in bible is says: “Go and multiply”. But I don’t think it’s applicable to families who have average life or low income. I’m not against in church teaching I’m just being practical especially in times of recession. In relation to economy and health issues, if you encounter that your bills have piling easily and faster than you can pay them, then debt consolidation might be just the thing for you. Credits cards and medical bills are usually among the biggest ones that always piled quickly, especially medical. Medical bills pile up quickly, especially if you have to have any sort of procedure done. (Hey – country clubs need money too.) You do not want medical bills going to collections – it will affect your credit rating and possibly treatment if you have to go to the same hospital. If you don't want to have to repair your credit later, you may want to get your medical bills into debt consolidation. Hence, debt consolidation should only be used to pay off real debt, meaning a lump sum that you owe and are trying to pay off.

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