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6 babies last week, 2 on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday and one Saturday night. I may have re-injured my wrist, too, or it could just be the weather (which has been pretty scary here in Northern Illinois). Also, child #6 is here for a very short visit and so we have been trying to get stuff done. She has been a blessing while here - she has been cooking a fair amount. Dinner tonight was a vegetarian delight - sweet potato burritos with a black bean/pinquito dish and curried almond rice.
I keep planning to make rhubarb jam - the plants are fat and happy and now is the time - if I can find the time.
CSA last week was whole wheat flour, lettuce, spinach, and radishes. This week will probably be fairly lean due to the overabundance of water falling out of the sky.
The baby storm should end soon. However it looks like it will be a busy winter. I already have 4 signed up for January.....


I'd be tired too. Rest up, my friend!

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