quick note from Jess


Hi All -
posting this quickly while emma sleeps.
She is home now. She is now on an anticonvulsant med (Trileptal?) because the duration (25 minutes each) of the two seizures, and the fact that they had to use meds to stop them. Because of the prior brain damage of hydrocephalus, she is at higher risk for repeated seizures.

She is still not quite herself - she has lost a little muscle tone and is VERY clingy (which is not her usual pattern). She is also nursing ALL the time, and a little weakly - i think she is going to have to re-learn nursing a little. Her latch is slipping. She is not able to sit up very long without tipping over. I know these will all come back, but the regression scares me - and the loss of my chatty smiley little girl does too.

But, considering the many (worse) alternatives, she is doing well.
We have what amounts to a doctor's visit a day for the next two weeks, between follow-ups and testings.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. I appreciate it all! Please keep Emma in your prayers as she is now on this new medication which grogs her out a bit.

thanks again.
jess & emma

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