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I just got a call from Jess, Emma just had a seizure and she has called the EMT - they are on their way to the peds ER. More when I know more.
Update (2231 CDT)
The paramedics gave her a dose of diazepam (valium) which stopped the seizure and were able to put in an IV. When she got to the ED, she seized again and they gave her two doses of ativan and one of propofol and the seizures stopped. They are doing bloodwork and getting imaging of her shunt and will call in both a neurologist and the on-call for her neurosurgeon. Haven't tapped the shunt yet.
2248 - Emma will be in the hospital at least overnight, she is groggy but conscious, her O2 sat is 100% on blow-by oxygen, they are hoping that they don't have to intubate her. They are getting ready to give her a longer acting anti-seizure medication. Jess doesn't know exactly what it is, she says it is in the same family as Dilantin. She has a friend bringing her car, some clothes, and her breast pump equipment to the hospital for her, and they have activated the prayer chain from her parish.


Thanks for alerting us readers - the power of prayer is radiating across the ether - I'll devote my holy hour from 2-3 am tonite to the peds ER team, their patient, and said patient's family! God Bless the 'pro's for their dedication to the most vulnerable with mysterious maladies, may they attend to their craft with diligence this night, in Jesus name, Amen. Mary, mother most mollient, calm the anxieties of those who place their faith in your Son!

I'm gonna be praying.

Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy. My prayers with sweet Emma, my heart dropped when I read this. Hugs to you and dear Jess.

Prayers being said, Alicia.

Prayers from downunder too!

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