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Fish devastated by sex-changing chemicals in municipal wastewater | Science Blog
A new concern ecologically is the NuvaRing contraceptive, which has these chemicals embedded in a silicone ring. In order to be sure that there is a high enough level of the hormones to last for the minimum period of 3 weeks, extra is usually required. When the ring is removed, the user is supposed to put it back into the foil pouch and put it in the trash. But there is no guarantee that is what happens. I have been told by patients that they just flushed the ring down the toilet.......
Here is another article on the topic (with commentary)



I wonder if women would be more concerned about not just flushing the rings down the toilet if there was something equivalent to a bottle deposit/return fee for the used ring?

Oh well. I guess it's all okay as long as people can have lots and lots of child-free sex.

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