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The Birth Plan From Hell

I am not opposed to the concept of developing a birth plan, as it can help families sort out what their priorities are and can help them communicate these priorities. In a typical birth, there are lots of choices that can be made on the spot, too. But I don't think that anyone likes to feel hamstrung by unreasonable demands. Of course, my idea of an unreasonable demand could be very different from yours....
I don't think that moms in labor should be starved or strapped down - but there are circumstance where that is what seems to be needed (rare, but real). Say a mom who is bleeding a lot and it's a toss up cesarean vs normal birth.....


Thanks for the link back!

I tried so hard when writing my birth plan(s) to include things like "if possible," and "Jane would prefer" but always keeping in mind that giving birth isn't the same as picking out wallpaper. Sometimes, you don't end up with what you want. Sometimes, decisions need to be made in the moment, and frankly, that's why the midwife is there in the first place: to keep things safe and smooth.

The only thing we insisted on, absolutely with no holds barred, was that Emily Rose was NOT to be removed from our presence for any reason other than "the diagnosis was wrong--she doesn't have anencephaly." But hers was a very special case.

mom helped me write up a very reasonable special needs / caesearan birth plan, which was respectfully followed (spectacles on for the duration, no strapped hands, and so on)...
only 2 or so pages, and very reasonable...
but i do love the sarcasm of the original poster...

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