whither the weather, woes

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Here in Rockford IL we are under a severe winter weather condition - the snow is falling at 1-2 inches per hour. John won't make it home for crepes (traditional Shrove Tuesday fare in our household) because he is out helping with Super Tuesday coverage for the radio station. I got a phone call earlier from Memphis - they are under tornado warning conditions and it has to be scary there too. I am just hoping that the babies have enough sense to stay inside where it is warm, at least until the weather clears up a bit.

I guess the crepe batter will keep in the fridge until thursday.....


Are they okay?

We are getting our snow today here in the subs. I kept the kids home b/c I knew it would be okay taking them, but picking them in the afternoon would be another matter altogether. Sigh. "Personal Snow Day".

Yeah, sure, nothing wrong with Shrove Thursday!

I'm sure it will keep. May it be a blessed and fruitful Lent!

us memphisonians are doing fine. the storm was scary, and there was some hiding in the closet when the tornado alarms went off, but emma and i are well.

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