thirty five years

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Today is the 35th anniversary of the day I entered the Catholic Church. It is also my birthday. I have taken the day off call, which means that my patients are trying not to go into labor today! (my physician partner will take excellent care of them if they do)
We have started making the arrangements to head back to the Pacific Northwest for another child's wedding - this time it is child #5, whose sense of humour is such that she planned her wedding for February 29 - leap day.


Congratulations on your double birthday.

Happy Birthday!!!! (Just a few days late!)

Happy Birthday!

Happy very belated birthday, Alicia! Just poking my head in to let you know that my 7th child nearly shares a birthday w/you. He was born on 1/11/08. When you get a chance, peek into the blog to see his photos.

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