shunt infection

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That is the diagnosis for Emma's fever. The gram stain of the CSF grew out Gram + cocci, probably staph, most likely s. epidermidis. But we won't know until they can grow the organisms out a little further and run more tests.

They have removed the 'P' part of her V-P shunt and are draining the excess CSF into an external collection device. This requires meticulous nursing care. She is getting vancomycin both through the shunt tubing and through her brand new PICC line. She will be in the hospital until there are 3 consecutive negative cultures of the CSF. And then they will have to decide what to do about her shunt.

Stay tuned. More angst on the way.


Oh man, that is so not fair. Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

Prayers still coming.

Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. Definately will get some extra prayers going.

More prayers ascending. I am so sorry to hear this~

darnit, I really thought she was out of the woods for good the last time she was in the hosp.. Does this whole infection thingy have anything to do with her vaccination? Or is it because of her operation and it was just co-incidental with the timing of the vaccines (immune system whacked out)? Not that it much matters when the baby is sick and just needs to get better. I just always want to know what causes things like this. I will pray like mad tonight!

emma's mama here... the infection has naught to do with the immunizations, according to the docs. Infections are a known and common risk of shunts, and the more work you do, the more likely you are to have an infection. Plus, little babies are more susceptible, due to their immature immune systems. I'm BF'ing, which helps her immunities, but she's behind on all of it. of course, now she is being followed by her neurosurgeons (two docs, a fellow, and a resident) and the infectious diseases people, who are in charge of the antibiotic protocol.

Alicia, I didn't reply when I first read your post the other day, but Emma has been in my prayers. You too, Jess.

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