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sorry folks, it seems that lately the only time I pop up is with a prayer request. But this is important.
My brother-in-law Matthew is in the hospital right now with a rapidly spreading infection that began in the skin of his abdomen. They are not sure what the organism is yet, but they have started IV antibiotics and may end up having to do surgery. I am thinking either MRSA or a virulent strep, but of course no one will know until the cultures grow out.

Prayers greatly appreciated.


My prayers are with him.

Prayers that they are able to get the infection under control.

Prayers ascend for Matthew.

Prayers coming.

Prayers! That's scary - I hope they get it under control and identified quickly!

Lord have Mercy. Prayers indeed!

Will be praying...

Prayers en route.

Thank you for the prayers folks, it was greatly appreciated. I am home, Well, and about to go back to work. The Dr did have to go in, cut it open, and clean it all out. It is now healing nicely.

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