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Emma came through ok, but she has 4 surgical sites and is a little groggy still, according to Jess. The new shunt went in just fine and is working, but removing the old shunt was a bit more complicated. We don't know just how long she will need to stay in the hospital this time - originally it was supposed to be 23 hours post-op, but we will see.
It is so hard being here but I have used up pretty much all my time off except for the scheduled time off for my #4 child's wedding in October - and there are babies being born whose moms are relying on me. The practice that I am in is still looking for a couple more CNMs and we also have an opening for a nurse-practitioner. Email me if you want more information.
I have a picture of Emma in the recovery room but I can't download it to my computer right now, and I am not sure if I should post it. She looks pretty good for having just had major surgery, but she certainly isn't her usual self. I am still trying to figure out how to shrink some of the earlier pix to fit the blog (and I am not talking just pixel size but more file size here - I might need to find a copy of photo shop or the like).


I'm so glad she came through ok, but so sorry you aren't there. Hugs, and prayers and love!

i'm sad that my wedding means you can't be there for jess and emma. I have been praying for both her, jess, and bethany.

Don't feel sad about it D! I'll simply repeat that being in a family means a constant balancing of needs and obligations. Another part of being a parent of adults is the realization that our children WILL handle things to the best of their ability. Though we would wish to be there to help, we cannot always be. (Nor, at times, should we be!) SO we use the tools available, the phone, the internet and text messaging - picture messages. (They can all be both a blessing and curse!) You all have to learn for yourself. You will all have your times of joy and trial. You will all do things the best way for you. I hope that you don't have to learn things the way I do. Remember my comment: "I learn things best when I've left a nose-mark in the wall" 88 ILY

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