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My brother in law is home now and getting home nursing care. The ultimate diagnosis was MRSA. He is doing a lot better.

Emma is back in the hospital for at least overnight observation. She was vaccinated on Friday with Pediarix and an oral Rotavirus vaccine. She started to run a fever Sunday afternoon and spiked today despite tylenol. She saw her neurosurgeon, her pediatrician, and was then sent to the ED at the Children's hospital, where they did a CT scan and tapped her shunt. The fluid was clear but they are going to keep her overnight for observation and repeat blood tests in the morning.

I am exhausted but I think of how much more exhausted Jess must be, and so too my youngest daughter B who has been helping Jess out since just before Emma's birth. I am also experiencing some guilt that I have been begging prayers from my loyal readers and not giving you any real content, but such is life right now. Soon, eventually, I will try to focus my energies to pull it together. I have had some great ideas but life trumps blog, anyday. I am faced with 2500 unread messages in my inbox and I have been scanning it and only answering personal and urgent stuff - so if you have written to me about something and haven't gotten an answer, just write me again and put something compelling in the subject line so that I will know it is one of you folks!
Will update when I can.


alicia, please never feel badly about "begging prayers" - prayers offered are heard, prayers asked are answered, prayers needed are given - all in the name of Jesus who will see you, your family, your suffering, and will, somehow, some way, keep you all together - just let Him do it.
+JMJ+ John


Don't feel guilty. Just think of all the opportunities you are giving us, your loyal readers, to grow in holiness by offering up prayers for your family. Personally, I am honored to be able to pray for others because I know what it is like to be the one being prayed for.

never feel bad about asking for those, i know i've been asking my friends for prayers for this as well. by asking us it gets spread wider for prayer as well.

Never apologize for requesting prayer. That's what we're here for. I'm so glad he's doing better. MRSA is scary!

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