emma surgery

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her cultures have been clear, she is scheduled for shunt re-placement tomorrow morning. Not sure the exact time - prayers as usual
she also has a nasty yeast diaper rash from the antibiotics....
her great-grandma (my mom) is with her and jess now for a while


Prayers that the re-placement goes smoothly. I'm sure Jess is glad to have your mom there.

Re the diaper rash--I'm just throwing this out there b/c I just saw a commercial and thought of Emma. Have you ever heard of a prescription med for diaper rash called Vusion? They specifically mention yeast-caused diaper rashes in the commercial. Just a thought.

I like the words "clear culture", continued prayers. And yuck about the yeast infection. No fun.

she has a prescription for some kind of yeast-diaper rash cream. Nystatin I think. (It's across the room, and she's nursing right now...)

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