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flash flood
I was on call Monday August 6 - that is from 0700 to 0700 the next day. That night, it started in with lightning and thunder so close that it sounded like I was inside a fireworks display. Of course, the pager went off - a patient needed to go to the hospital. I told them to go but to please be careful, and tried to get back to sleep for a few minutes, knowing that it was probably going to be a long night.
A little later, I decided I needed to get to the hospital - so headed out as usual, wipers going full tilt. This hospital is 2 1/2 miles away - usually a 5minute drive. Well, I tried. I needed to go north, and every road I usually took was flooded at the low point. At one point I was stuck on a high spot in the road, between the not as shallow spot I had foolishly driven through and a near torrent. I called the hospital and gave orders over the phone, and told them that I was stuck. Eventually the water receded a bit and I tried again but had to turn back, and eventually (about two hours later) made my circuitous way back home. By morning, the waters had gone down enough that I was able to get to the hospital and eventually to the office. I did a lot of praying, that's for sure.


Lord have Mercy! I'm glad you were safe.

Did the patient make it in?

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