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When Jess was little, there was a show on Nickelodeon called "Today's Special". I think it was an import from the CBC, but I could be wrong. For some reason, the theme song to that show has been playing in my brain ever since I saw today's picture.

Somehow, the nurses managed to get Emma into a premie sized outfit! Pretty amazing considering that her weight is in excess of 3600 grams.

She's continuing to eat and digest real food (aka momma's milk) even with her vomiting and spitting episodes. Her TPN is being steadily decreased. We still don't have a discharge date planned yet, but the wheels are turning in that direction.

I firmly believe that every prayer has made a difference.


Emma is beautiful. Her hair is going to be a shade of RED. Boy are those strong genes! Both sides!

Oh, how lovely!!!!!!

I continue to pray!

She's so gorgeous... (and quite fashion-forward!)

PS - My girls have found some of the old Nickelodeon songs on line...I think YouTube, maybe. Talk about a blast from the past.

*So sweet! Continued prayers here.

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