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We had a few errands to run today before getting to the hospital to be with Emma. I am leaving tomorrow and will not be able to be back for quite a while - I've used up almost all my time off and I still have a wedding to go to later this year.

Emma is up to 15 cc per feeding now. We have been here about an hour and have had to change 3 wet diapers. She is still getting most of her nutrition from the TPN but I think that they will have to start tapering that down. Jess is pumping incredible amounts and her freezer is almost full of milk, there is barely room for ice cream or frozen veges! We brought in about 3 days worth of pumping to the hospital and were told that they are running out of room here as well.

The kangaroo session went very well. She nuzzled and snuggled and looked very interested in this whole skin-to-skin stuff, but after a while she started to get fussy and we realized that she had a wet diaper. She hates being in a wet diaper.

So it has been a great day so far. I am going to hate being away from her. Hopefully my daughters will send me daily picture updates.


So glad all is going well! She looks very alert and of course is gorgeous! Hopefully they will let her do some oral feedings soon!

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