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From my blog buddy CJMostGladly
Cell phones

1. How long have you had a cell phone? (If you don't have one, why not? What would prompt you to get one?)
I got my first cell phone in 1997 as part of my job in Oregon. I rarely used it, but I needed to be able to answer pages without having to find a pay phone. As a midwife, my cell phone is my friend, and it makes it possible to go places that a pager alone doesn't. Over the years, my cell phone usage has gradually increased. None of my children have land lines (only cell phones) and with the in-plan free calls, I spend a lot of time on the cell phone. And lately, I have been using the photo feature that I once swore was a useless addition.
2. How much do you use it?
A lot.
3. Do you get jittery without it?

1. How many computers in your house? Right now, 4. One is a laptop that is being refurbed for one of the kids, one is my laptop, one is John's desktop and the other is his laptop (that travels with him). We have had at least one PC in the household since at least 1980 (our very first PC, a Radio Shack TRS-80 color computer)
2. How much time do you spend on the computer in a day?
It all depends on the day. Anywhere from zero to several hours. Right now I have 1100 plus unread emails that I am studiously ignoring.
3. How does the time break down? (work/play/email/blogs/etc.)
That also varies. In the office, it is pretty much all work. At home, I do research, read and answer emails, blog, read blogs, play Scrabble, play Freecell and listen to EWTN radio on the computer - and these activities are not mutually exclusive. I also write - and I am not always sure if this is work or play. I have also in the past taken on-line classes and for 2 years I taught in an on-line distance learning program.
4. If your computer malfunctions, do you-
1. Log in as root and fix the problem in a few swift keystrokes? (by root, do you mean administrator?)Very rarely,
2. Get some online help and fix it yourself with slightly slower keystrokes? If the problem is amenable to this kind of help - that would mostly be network issues or help with my peripherals.
3. Enlist outside help? from whom? How does he or she respond when you ask for assistance?
I married an engineer - and one of my sons works for Symantec (Norton Anti-virus folks). My mom is a systems analyst (retired) and my step-dad is a hardware engineer (retired). Who do you think I call?
My family is all about geeks. We work together. I can figure out simple stuff but I am not really a hardware person.
4. Opt for the wishful thinking computer repair strategy, also known as the reboot-with-fingers-crossed strategy?
That is not wishful thinking, it is a legitimate strategy, especially with Microsoft based products. It also helps to clean out the trash files and declutter the hard drive. Cleanliness is next to high fidelity.


1. What techno-gadget would you most like to own?
I really don't know. Kids - what would I want that I don't have? maybe a convert my vinyl collection to CD gadget?
2. Of those you own (including PDA, iPod, etc.), which would you miss most acutely if you dropped it in the lake accidentally while canoeing?
My Palm Pilot. But I wouldn't be canoeing. I might get wet.
3. What's something you'll never buy? (Careful with the nevers, though, says this brand new cell phone owner.) Never say never. I'm not likely to invest in a home theater system or a plasma TV, though.

I am going to tag Julie D, Pansy and Peony, and the Summa Mamas


"Not really a hardware person..." Only by comparison. Over two decades ago and 2/3 of the country away, A worked as a Labor & Delivery Nurse at a large suburban hospital. She would complain that every time the printer jammed when she was on they'd ask her to look at it. "And?" "I'd take care of it - there is a logic to the machinery."

By way of comparison, If someone had told me several decades ago that I'd spend much of my time working with computers (or even that they would become so ubiquitous) I would have been rolling on the floor laughing. Even my 8 yr old mini-van has three "computers".

There are still times when it is necessary to (for example) take the dashboard out and re-solder the connections to solve an intermittent. It all comes down to the logic of troubleshooting.

I use the Engineering model of troubleshooting. There is a Medical model of diagnosis. They are often diametrically opposite in their approach. The Medical model starts at the least likely and rules things out on the way to the most likely. I start with the most likely and usually isolate/resolve things quickly.

However, A has more sense than me in that she stays away from the "Registry files" in the computers.

>>>maybe a convert my vinyl collection to CD gadget?

If your record player has an earphone jack and your computer a mic jack, you can upload your music for the cost of a $5 male to male cable to connect the two.

search "audacity" for free software to record the music.

My problem is, I uploaded a series of midwifery audio tapes to my husbands PC because my miniMac doesn't have a mic jack. Now I can't figure out how to get these massive files transported to my computer. :( Give me a few more days and I'll solve it, I think. I'm the sort that can figure out how to get just about anything done, techno-speaking, but it's definitely my way, and probably not the "right" way.

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