sweetness and crankiness

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Emma tries out the bouncyseat to try to sleep

Emma has been able to breastfeed at least twice now. Her TPN has been completely disconnected (though the central line is still in place).


So adorable, and breastfeeding - yay!

What a cute little dumpling! Congrats on the nursing--keep going, Emma! :)

Wow, she is going home soon, I can feel it! What an amazingly cute baby! Her outfits are just darling! I hope she has really good luck with the breastfeeding!

I love that sweet, little face of hers! I hope she can go home very soon.

She looks very alert and smart! What a cutie!!

She's adorable.

I recognize the bouncy seat - it's the one we used for CJ and the one my girlfriend and her husband use for their son (who was premature, too, but is doing well now).

I loved it. It will be great for Emma.

I keep praying for her and your family.

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