look ma, no tubes

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After she pulled out her NG tube, they decided to leave it out and just keep nipple feeding her. Still not on the breast directly, but right now the goal is to get her to the point where she can be off the TPN and on 100% oral feeds. She is close to halfway there right now. They are starting to talk about discharge planning. Keep up the prayer.

This post is a little late because John and I went to hear Dawn Eden speak in Chicago. More on that later.


Wonderful news! I'll keep praying.

Go, Emma, go! Continued prayers.

Amen! Such a sweet little miracle.

Oh yay, baby! We will keep praying here for little Emma. The kids have taken a special interest in her. :-)

Whohoooo! You go, girl!

I love my baby Emma! so much that i have to show EVERYONE her, shes my desktop at work where i look and talk to her all day. I love and wish her the best, and i have lots of strangers than i praying for her. yay Emma!

This is good news. And I can't get over what a beautiful baby she is.

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