Look at her grow!

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This is what greeted Jess when she got to the hospital today.

The nurses had fun dressing her up for Sunday.

It has been a rocky week, though. Emma had some episodes of vomiting and they backed down on her feedings. They started her at 30 cc every 3 hours, and upped it regularly. But when they got to the point where she vomited, they backed it down to 20 cc every two hours. They also reduced the thickening agent from nectar consistency to honey consistency, and that has also helped. Here is her auntie B feeding her.

The plan is still to eventually get her taking her momma's milk directly from the producer. Pumping is an exhausting full-time job, whereas nursing directly is simply a full-time job!
At least now, with the tube count down to one (her central line) and the monitors less critical, Emma can be swaddled like a normal baby (or a burrito/egg roll).
She is also using an orthodontic pacifier for suck training, and she has figured out how to hold it in her mouth herself.

Jess emailed me the picture she took of me saying byby to Emma last week. Has it only been a week? I sure miss my girls.

Anyhow, she seems to be making progress, in general. There have been setbacks but we can see that she will be going home soon, if not as soon as we had hoped.

I wish that I had more flexibility in my work schedule, but it is what it is. It would also be nice if there were decent train or air travel schedules from here to there......


Keep growing, sweetheart! I love the photo of you and she together!

By the way, I have something for her, would you email me your addy? Thanks!

Ohh that makes me cry. I wish you had more time to be there with them.

Ah, so sweet! You are obviously smitten!

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