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So I made it back here yesterday after a 10 hour drive. Saw Emma last night around midnight for about 10 minutes and now I'm back again. This pic is almost in real time - I have to send the pic from my cell phone to my email, save it, upload it, and then here it is. That is my hand holding her arm. And somehow, the nurses managed to get her into a onesie that says "little miracle". It's a miracle to me how they got her into it with all of her tubes and lines!


She's doing OK. Has had some fussing last night, and they are watching her closely to be sure that her heart rate doesn't get too high. Pain management is important but difficult for newborns, and in her case it is complicated by the fact that she can't have anything by mouth yet.

Her mom has a freezer full of milk just waiting for the day.

She is smiling at me right now, and her eyes are opn and looking around. bye!


Thanks for the updates and photos. Still praying for her, her mum, and all the rest of the family too. She's beautiful.

The pix are great. Thanks for keeping us updated. All my best to Emma, Jess and all of you.

Those baby smiles are my favorite thing in the whole world! Enjoy!

Thanks be to God she's doing so well. As I'm sure you know, continued prayers.

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