Home again (me, not emma!)

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Awake here, this is just after she was fed.
If you look really closely, you can see her Miraculous Medal pin hanging from the Emma towel.
Her shirt - well there is a story there. She is limited in her clothing choices, but we want to dress her up if possible. So my youngest daughter and I took needle and thread and sewed decorations to her undershirt. This is also helpful so that they don't disappear in the hospital laundry. I sewed the blanket stitch on the one in this picture.
This was actually the last picture I took before I hit the road earlier today. I made it home OK. Back to work tomorrow at the usual grueling schedule.

Most recent update - they are changing her TPN, it will be a lower level as she seems to be tolerating and absorbing the nutrients from her gut.


I am so thrilled that little Emma is doing so well! Keep sending updates, I'm still praying with you!

So sweet that you dressed up her shirts!

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