farewell for now princess

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Meme is going home. Last pic before I hit the road. I hate driving and this is a run through 3 states to reach my home state. 10 hours total on the road.

Emma is up to 20 cc q 3 hours now!


Alicia, I nearly had a cardiac when I read the headline for this post, in my bloglines. The image downloaded slowly and I had to come straight over and check that baby is okay. You might want to rethink the header title ;-)

For those of you who see this after the fact... the header read "Farewell Princess". I reached A on the road and I did edit it for her. We do understand how the original header caused UKOK's concern. Having made that run in the same direction a week ago at about the same time of day, I know how tedious it is. And I LIKE driving!

It is not as bad as another form of travel.
All of my children have heard me say: "A day on a Greyhound is like a week on a Camel". For UKOK and others far away, "Greyhound" is the name of an inter-city & cross-country motorbus company.

Thanks for the contunuing updates. It's no wonder Emma is doing so well...when she has the love of you, Jess and the family around her. All my best.

From one Mimi to another Meme - travel safely, and keep those sweet baby memories with you! She gets more and more adorable each day.

I agree, Greyhounds are definitely the worst way to travel.

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